Happy Teachers Day

Though every day is special for a teacher, Teachers Day brings delightful memories of all past and present teachers and students to all of us. In modern day scenario, teacher has a very important role though the specie is going to be extinct in coming years, given the intimidation of POCSO Act and parental pressure not to pressure their children. However, the situation is not that bad as there are parents who are supportive of discipline, control of schedule of a children and give emphasis to values to be inculcated in children. I am such a specie, both as a parent and a teacher. We all believe in value based society and a good future of our country. Our developmental goals may differ but as we suffer from same anxieties and hyper thoughts, we agree on many principles.

One such principle is good education which charts out our future as a responsible and good person for our family and society. But how is it possible when our goals are limited for self development. The limited perspective in which we see ourselves as a responsible member of our family hampers the larger social perspective. May be we can start at our own limited scale.

I recently found out one such issue which goes often neglected by us as a person. Our canine friends. Thanks to the groups I have been associated with for the last one year, I found out that lot needs to be done as a person and as a society with regards to our animals who are core to our society. For a starter, lets feed them and help them so that we feel good about ourselves that we are doing a good work a day 🙂 Do share if you agree.


New Year Resolution

Ask me about the new year resolution and I would repeat the same old ones. For example, learn guitar, German, write a book and so on. And of course, eliminating sugar and junk from my diet. But I still believe that every year is a new year indeed. The very feeling of something new has started, channelizes your energy and compels you to think harder. This is a positivity which fills you with new positive energy which flows throughout the first month of the year. Then that energy ebbs away with the year.

As a matter of fact, learning something new rather than being fixated upon academic excellence and curriculum gives you energy to fight the stress. Hence, it is a life skill which can be learnt. If we think of any activity or hobby, it requires effort and which turn needs a passion. A half an hour a day does wonders to the job you are at.

So get up and get going.



As I meet more and more parents, my interaction with them reveals the new age champions of liberty. Meet the modern day rebels: the children who wish to defy all norms challenge the boundaries set for them, whether good or bad. The new rage, be ahead in the race has impacted young minds like never before. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and the like social media has altered the mindset of our young generation. Once I hear the stories of the parents whose children are unwilling to explore the traditional learning methods, the Continuous Assessment (CCE) system based on projects has only added to the woes and chaos reigning their minds. Rather than associating the real world with the curriculum, smart board education system has connected them to the virtual world in which they wish to live forever. Resultantly, the hopes that they would pick up a pen and exercise their mental faculties to the maximum or would wish to opt for some hobby dash to the ground.

At the ground level, the teaching faculty also feels the heat. With no pressure policy on children, the pressure has shifted to the teachers and caregivers along with the parents. The pressure to harness the potential of the child, inculcating good values and increasing curiosity of the child has taken its toll. The equation and understanding gap between husband and wife in a family and increased financial burden due to mushrooming growth of tuition centres has taken its toll both on resources and social relationships.

While the parents are generally hapless due to their own limitations and excessive caring and attention on the child, the child is losing his childhood. The fairies, ghosts of the trees, playing street games and inventing their own games have their own place in childhood for emotional and psychological growth of the child.

We must understand the limits and boundaries we need to set for our children while nurturing them with our love and care without being hostile. The children are bound to test the boundaries every time they are set for them, the caregiver and educationists have to customise their skills with each child in a rainbow class.

Ok, do we have time and patience?



When Exams can be fun

Exams can be fun. Sounds strange. Yet, many students like the stress of exams as they let them have them feeling of winning. Unfortunately, exams are related to cramming up and putting everything on answer sheet as desired by the examiner. However, thorough knowledge and curiosity to learn gets a back seat. Recently, I found that the children till they reach standard 8th lose academic interest and start to explore the world around them. The electronic gadgets available to them make their world more virtual rather than realistic.

With consistent effort and parental persistence, they were drawn back to learning by giving them insight into the world they ought to have into. First, we tried to find out what their interest was. One student was fond of playing games and some were hooked to social networking sites. We counselled and scheduled their timings and maintained constant supervision. There was no need to pressurizing them into their work after a month. They were hooked to their routine and their pastime was to participate in class activities.

The phenomenon of unbridled and uncontrolled youth has its root in lack of parental guidance, supervision and right yet fair control. They need to be given right direction for their curiosity and yearning for exploring the world.





Kick those exam blues

I hated cramming up many subjects. Then, exams blues happened. I decided to crack the code. I could crack it. I just went on cramming up. One fine day, I finally grew up and took all the exams I could without failing in any of them. Wisdom told me that cramming up is a good idea. It transpired that intellectual thinking emanates from rote learning. The reason being that the rote learning stays with you longer.